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Rating The 10 Most Useful DoorDash Driver Discounts

We worked with these active, experienced gig-workers to write this article and bring you first-hand knowledge.

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Davis Porter

Experienced writer/researcher in the gig industry working alongside our gig-workers

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Ryan Shaw

5 years of experience as a DoorDash Dasher

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Michael Vaness

6 years of experience working across DoorDash, Instacart, and Spark

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Scott Jones

7 years of experience working across DoorDash, Lyft, Amazon Flex, and Instacart

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Let’s start with the question that probably brought you here: as a driver, can you get a discount on making DoorDash orders?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Dashers currently don't receive a direct discount when making food orders on DoorDash. 

That wasn’t always the case. The platform previously offered its contractors a 15% discount on their food orders using the code PICKUP15OFF. But, as with many good things, the promotion ultimately met its sunset and is no longer valid.

But, this doesn't mean DoorDash has turned its back on drivers. On the contrary, it continues to roll out a variety of benefits meant to enhance the Dasher experience. The perks now range from rewards offering income growth opportunities to lucrative discounts that can save you a great deal of cash.

We’ve surveyed our GigWolf reviewer team - a handful of experienced Dashers - to rate each of these discounts on a scale of 1 - 10. You’ll see it in parentheses after the header in each section below. 10 is a great discount, 1 is hardly worth mentioning.

And if discounts aren’t enough, read up on the other benefits you get as a DoorDash driver.

Car rental discount (1.5/10)

DoorDash has a partnership with Hertz, a widely renowned car rental company. This integration allows Dashers to reserve vehicles at exclusive rates. You just need to log in to the car rental platform and verify your DoorDash credentials.

Do note that this program is only for using a rental car to dash; you won’t get a Hertz discount for renting a car while on vacation.

When renting to DoorDash, Dashers enjoy not only special rates but also complimentary standard maintenance. This eliminates the cost of routine vehicle care, which then translates to additional savings. 

As for the precise amount, a Dasher in Reddit’s DoorDash community reported that Hertz slashed their daily rental rate by around $50. This allowed them to earn a profit of over $280 in a single weekend, even after deducting vehicle expenses and taxes.

Our Dasher Scott Jones, however, gave the discount a rating of 1/10, arguing that you can get cheaper deals from budget car rental companies. Ryan Shaw, another Dasher, agrees after having spent over three years on the platform. He rated it 2/10 and added that he doesn’t see himself ever needing such discounts. 

Oil change discount (6.3/10)

The continual stop-and-start, accumulated miles clocked in, and the constant wear and tear from frequent trips make vehicle maintenance a regular thing for DoorDash drivers. 

Scott himself believes that drivers should all be servicing their cars with full synthetic $99 oil, which protects the engine for 5,000-7,000 miles. Compare that with the 3,000 miles you’d get from cheaper alternatives. 

Thankfully, with CarAdvise discounts, Dashers can now reduce that price along with the accompanying bill for other  maintenance services. 

Just by signing up, Dashers receive a generous $20 in CarAdvise credits. They then get to enjoy savings of 10-40% on every maintenance cycle. 

The roster of service providers itself is nothing short of impressive, boasting names like Jiffy Lube, Pep Boys, and Firestone. Their typical discounts include $25 off brake services, around $50 for tire replacements, and $25 for battery changes.

If you, otherwise, happen to be a holder of the DasherDirect Business Prepaid Visa Card, the program unlocks an additional $120 in total car maintenance savings. This translates to increased earnings, reduced out-of-pocket costs, and the confidence that your vehicle is always road-ready.

Because of those many benefits, Michael Vaness feels that this discount program deserves a rating of 10/10.

Scott has tried it out himself, albeit unsuccessfully. He claims that he just couldn't get the program to work. As such, 3/10 is the highest he’s willing to go. Ryan, on the other hand, quotes 7/10 for free users and 5/10 for those who pay CarAdvise’s membership fee. 

TurboTax discount (5/10)

As part of its efforts to simplify the tax filing process for Dashers, DoorDash has partnered with renowned tax preparation service TurboTax

Upon getting on board, you’ll receive an exclusive $20 discount on TurboTax's Self-Employed tax preparation services, along with various free tools and resources for optimizing your tax filing outcomes.

The platform itself is pretty easy to use. It allows users to directly import financial data and then guides them through managing various tax filing stages – including income, deductions, and credits.

I just did my taxes 2 weeks ago,” discloses Scott. “...and TurboTax made it a breeze. It’s a must-have!

As such, he rates the discount program a solid 5/10, just like his peer, Michael

Gas discount programs

With the ever-fluctuating gas prices, it's no surprise they are the major concern for 93% of Dashers. Thankfully, DoorDash has responded with strategic partnerships that are meant to minimize fuel costs for its drivers.

GasBuddy (3.5/10)

One of the most prominent players here is GasBuddy, an automated analytics service that’s integrated into the DoorDash platform to help drivers find the most economical fuel options within their locality.

All that info is crowdsourced from customers, fuel retailers, and station managers. It is then analyzed and verified by sophisticated algorithms, with the findings being consistently updated on the platform in real time. 

That, according to Ryan and Michael, qualifies GasBuddy as more of a tool than a discount. They give it a 2/10 and 5/10 respectively while acknowledging that it can indeed help you find gas discounts. 

You can access the insights through the Gas Finder Tool within the Dasher app – no separate GasBuddy account or app is needed.

Shell Fuel Rewards (2.7/10)

The collaboration with Shell, on the other hand, introduces a structured rewards system through the Fuel Rewards program. Dashers can save 25¢ per gallon on their initial fill-up and an additional 6¢ per gallon on all subsequent fill-ups.

This entire program operates on a database that automatically logs the fuel purchases made by each Dasher. The data is stored and retrieved in real-time to save Dashers the trouble of manually tracking their fuel purchases or savings. 

Even the rewards here are automatically applied during each fuel purchase, thereby reducing the price per gallon at the point of sale without entering any promo codes.

Ryan rates it 3/10, adding “If each fill-up after the first was more than 6 cents off I would rate this higher. In my area Shell's prices are some of the highest around, and I can usually find gas more than 6 cents/gal cheaper elsewhere.”

Michael too insists that its initial 25-cent discount is pretty commendable, unlike the subsequent 6¢ per gallon. He rates it 2/10, while Scott settles for 3/10. 

DasherDirect (10/10)

DasherDirect, a product of the collaboration between DoorDash and Payfare, provides Dashers with a Business Prepaid Visa Card – through which they can access their earnings instantly (pending approval into the program).

The same card offers cashback whenever Dashers use it at gas stations. In such instances, transaction details – including the amount spent and the location of the purchase – are relayed to the central server for real-time analysis. Algorithms work out the cashback from the purchase amount and then directly credit it to your Dasher account.

This is just free money with zero downside,” says Ryan. “You get paid instantly through a cashback card, plus it gives you all kinds of extra perks that you otherwise wouldn't have access to. It deserves 10/10.”

In support of that rating, Michael clarifies that, “while the card might not seem much, it actually gives a percentage back and sets it aside in a separate savings account, free of charge and no catches.” 

Read our other post on gas rewards for actionable tips on managing this perk.

Tire discount options

To further help you operate safely on the roads without incurring hefty maintenance costs, DoorDash grants the following tire discount options: 

Goodyear (4.5/10)

“DOORDASH20” is a special collaboration with Goodyear, which offers Dashers a 20% discount on tire purchases. You just need to select your preferred tires on Goodyear’s website, and then can apply the discount code ‘DOORDASH20’ at checkout.

That generous 20% discount earns it a rating of 7/10 from Michael. Ryan too agrees that the margin is attractive, but then awards it just 2/10 while insisting that he can find cheaper tires from generic brands.

Goodyear’s promotion is not permanent, though. It runs seasonally, and the durations are communicated through the Dasher app or email. 

CarAdvise (5/10)

As we’ve already mentioned in the oil change section, CarAdvise extends its generosity even to DoorDash vehicle wheels.

Dashers report that you have to pay a monthly premium of $2 or so to get into the program. Then in return, you get a $50 discount on the purchase of two or more tires. The offering is applied automatically at checkout, meaning you won’t be engaged in any complex redemption process.

As for other vehicle maintenance services, CarAdvise maintains DoorDash driver discounts of 10-40%. This applies not just to oil changes, but also to brake repairs and battery replacements. 

The CarAdvise platform further gives you the privilege of comparing prices across different service providers. So, you should be able to find an option that fits your budget without sacrificing quality or convenience.

Some non-traditional “discounts” to keep in mind

If we expand our thinking about “discounts” to include other ways in which working for DoorDash can help you save money, here are some subtle discounts you get by being a Dasher.

Deductions - a discount on your income tax (9/10)

While DoorDash doesn’t offer a direct tax discount, Dashers can substantially reduce their tax burden through strategic claiming of deductions related to their activities.

For the year 2024, for example, the IRS standard mileage rate allows you to reduce your tax bill at the rate of 67 cents per mile driven for DoorDash deliveries. But, you’ll need a detailed log of all those trips, showing not just the date, but also the purpose and total miles for each one. 

Dashers can otherwise itemize deductions for other work-related expenses like vehicle maintenance, mobile phone bills, and even a portion of their auto insurance – provided they keep an accurate record of their receipts.

According to Scott, these IRS offerings deserve a 10/10 rating for being the “most important deductions around.” Ryan shares the same sentiments, but then rates it 8/10 because of the technicalities of keeping up with the complex IRS guidelines.   

Read our full guide on taxes for more help understanding this. 

Prop 22 benefits for California Dashers (9.7/10)

Proposition 22, a landmark legislation in California, is another one that wouldn’t quite qualify as a DoorDash driver discount – although it offers multiple financial benefits to gig workers.  

For instance, it grants a healthcare stipend to Dashers averaging 25 or more engaged hours per week in a quarter. This helps to offset the cost of healthcare premiums.

The same Prop 22 provides occupational accident insurance to cover medical expenses and lost income resulting from on-the-job injuries. You’ll also be entitled to disability payments for injuries sustained while Dashing.

With Prop 22, California might have just set a precedent for gig worker regulations in other states and industries. Ryan, Scott, and Michael give it an average of 9.7/10, hoping that the standard will gradually spread to other states.

Invalid or outdated discounts

Car insurance

DoorDash does not provide Dashers with a car insurance discount. Although the company offers a level of liability insurance during active deliveries, it doesn't extend to personal car insurance discounts for drivers.

Dashers must maintain their own personal car insurance, which should be in line with their state’s minimum coverage requirements. That personal cover is your primary policy in the event of an incident, and DoorDash’s policy only steps in as secondary protection. 

Here’s more on setting up your car insurance as a Dasher

Autozone discount

There’s also no existing partnership or specific discount provided by Autozone to DoorDash drivers.

That doesn’t mean you won’t be getting any. As one of the largest retailers of auto parts in the US, Autozone does boast a wide range of discounts or loyalty programs. The only thing is, the promotions here are not exclusive to DoorDash drivers. They are, instead, open to all customers. 

So, you can still leverage them to save on vehicle maintenance costs.

AAA discount

Whereas AAA’s roadside assistance program has a multitude of services that could benefit Dashers – like towing, tire changes, vehicle recovery, and lockout – there is no exclusive agreement between AAA and DoorDash.

However, even without a dedicated DoorDash discount, Dashers might still find value in a AAA membership for the peace of mind it provides while on the road. The assurance of having support in the event of a vehicle breakdown or other roadside issues, might outweigh the membership costs. 

Besides, by virtue of being an AAA member, you stand to get discounts on hotels, car rentals, and selected auto repair services. 

Verizon discount

As of now, DoorDash does not offer a Verizon discount for its drivers in the United States. 

This leaves us slightly less privileged than our neighbors to the North, who enjoy DoorDash driver discounts courtesy of the partnership the platform has with Rogers Communications Canada. 

Canadian Dashers have access to exclusive deals on various devices – including iPhones, Samsung Galaxy phones, and Google Pixels. Financing plans are also available, allowing DoorDashers to set up operations with just a few bucks. 

T-Mobile discount

T-Mobile too is yet to sign a partnership agreement with DoorDash. That means you won’t find any exclusive discounts on its network for DoorDash drivers. 

But, you can still achieve major savings on the mobile plans or devices from the company. Just explore the multitude of promotions that T-mobile is always running, and you may come across an appropriate discount or loyalty program for your specific device needs and mobile usage patterns,

DoorDash hotel discounts

Another thing you won’t see on the platform is DoorDash hotel discounts. Despite Dasher demand, this has never been offered by DoorDash. 

Save while earning on DoorDash

Savings are great, but you know what’s better? Earning while at it. Sign up today as a Dasher to enjoy both (pending Dasher approval and local availability).

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