How To Navigate Shipt’s Background Check - Updated for 2024

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Last Updated on 2024-01-05

Shipt performs background checks, free of charge, on all applicants to either its Shipt Shopper or Shipt Delivery Driver roles. Shipt will not initiate a background check until you have done the following steps:

  1. Completed the Shipt virtual interview
  2. Signed the Shipt Shopper agreement
  3. Signed the W-9 tax form
  4. Signed the background check consent form
  5. Shipt needs to be actively hiring in your area - this bit is out of your control

If you have not done those steps (or Shipt is not actively hiring), your background check process with Shipt will not have started yet.

If you have done those steps, you can try checking the status of your background check at this link.

Who does background checks for Shipt?

Shipt uses a third party provider called Checkr to perform its background checks. Checkr, in turn, relies on a variety of both public and private data sources in order to complete its checks.

You should expect anything on your public record (misdemeanors, felonies, etc.) to show up on this background check.

At the end of the process, you can request a copy of Checkr’s background check here, which can tell you what exactly they found (or didn’t find).

How long does a Shipt background check take?

The background check can be almost instant (just a few minutes), but at other times may take up to two weeks.

There are many reasons for these variations. If you’ve recently gotten a background check done by Checkr, they can potentially respond to Shipt’s request for a background check of you immediately, because they have done it before. If you live in a state that has electronically accessible records, Checkr can do its background check much quicker than a state that requires more manual reviews of records.

In rare cases, your background check may get stuck with Shipt while Shipt reviews the results they got back from Checkr.

What do I do if the Shipt background check process is taking forever?

If less than 1 week has passed since you started your background check. This is normal. Just wait a little longer.

If more than 1 week has passed, this might be normal, but there might be an issue. First, check whether Checkr has finished processing your background check by going to this link. You may get an explanation of your status there. If you cannot find an explanation there, you can consider contacting Shipt Support to ask for an update.

If more than 2 weeks have passed, it’s very probable that something is wrong. Double check that you didn’t miss some email notification from Shipt or Checkr. Review the Checkr status at this link, and if it’s not clear what’s going on, contact Shipt support to ask for an update.

How do I check my Shipt background check in progress status?

As mentioned above, you check your background check status at this link:

If you can’t find your check in progress there, it is possible that Shipt has not initiated the process yet. Wait a day, and then try again.

If the check is completed but you have not yet heard back from Shipt, give them a couple days to process your result. If they don’t follow up in a couple days, contact Shipt support.

What are the Shipt background check requirements?

It is impossible to predict with certainty whether or not you will pass the background check. Even if you have a concerning public record, Checkr may not have the system in place to find your record in your particular state or county, and you may sneak by the process. Shipt may determine that some things that Checkr finds aren’t concerning enough to prevent you from being a shopper.

Because the background check is free to you, there is no harm in giving the process a try and seeing what happens.

How far back does Checkr go?

Depending on the type of record and the state or county in which the offense occurred, your public record may be relevant to a background check anywhere from 3 to 10 years back. Read more about lookback periods.

Working for Shipt with a DUI or bad driving record

There are plenty of active Shipt shoppers who have a bad driving record - even some with DUI’s. In some cases - especially if the offense was recent - Shipt may take note of the DUI and even reject your application as a result. But you have the opportunity to appeal this if that happens. When you receive your rejection email, and they explain it is due to your DUI offense, reply back (or contact Shipt support) within 7 days explaining how you have moved on from your DUI offense, and why you should be trusted to be a Shipt shopper or driver.

Shipt may perform extra background checks in the future, after you start

If you incur some offense (e.g. felony or misdemeanor) after you’ve previously passed the initial background check process, Shipt may become aware of this when they run some of their ongoing background checks on active Shoppers and Drivers.

If you’re unlucky, they may determine that the new offense justifies revoking your ability to work for Shipt. You will be notified via the mobile app that this is the case.

How do I get started?

To kick off the background check process, you first need to start the application process with Shipt.

Go ahead and apply to be a Shopper or apply to be a Driver, and the background check will begin after you complete the virtual interview and sign some forms.   

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