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15+ Shipt Benefits for Shoppers and Drivers

We worked with these active, experienced gig-workers to write this article and bring you first-hand knowledge.

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Catherine Meyers

5 years of experience working across Shipt and Instacart

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James Tuliano

4 years of experience working across Shipt and DoorDash

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Patricia Jones

Experience working across both Shipt and Instacart

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Davis Porter

Experienced writer/researcher in the gig industry working alongside our gig-workers

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Unlike traditional employment models, Shipt Shoppers and Drivers (read about the differences) are self-employed, which means they don’t get employee benefits like health insurance or paid time off. 

They do, however, get some special perks that can help them save on a variety of goods and services.

These benefits include a wide range of goodies, such as financial management and tax solutions, vehicle maintenance discounts, healthcare and wellness programs, and even lifestyle benefits. 

Here’s a brief overview of the perks:

  1. Summit Seeker Program: A rewards program with tiers (Wayfinder, Trailblazer, Summit Star) offering benefits like gas cashback and grocery credits. Qualification is based on performance metrics and evaluated every 60 days.
  2. Free Shipt Delivery Program: Active Shoppers and Drivers get free Shipt delivery.

Banking and tax prep:

  1. TaxSlayer: Offers a 50% discount on tax preparation services.
  2. Found: A Mastercard debit card for instant fund access, with a $50 bonus after receiving five payments.

Vehicle and travel:

  1. Gas Buddy: Helps find cheap gas and includes a discount card.
  2. Liberty Mutual Auto: Discounted auto insurance policies.
  3. Upside: Cashback on fuel purchases.
  4. Everlance: App for tracking business travel and expenses, available at a discount.

Lifestyle and entertainment:

  1. Hurdlr: App for tracking mileage, expenses, and Shipt tax deductions.
  2. SiriusXM: Discounted internet radio service subscription.

Healthcare, fitness, and wellness category

  1. HealthSherpa: Assists in comparing and selecting Affordable Care Act healthcare plans.
  2. BetterHelp: Offers free online therapy for the first month.
  3. Gympass: Provides access to various gyms and wellness apps.
  4. River: Virtual healthcare services including consultations and therapy.
  5. Avibra: Insurance coverage and wellness education.


  1. Allstate Identity Protection: Protects against identity theft with monitoring and restoration services.
  2. Liberty Mutual Pet Insurance: Customizable pet insurance plans.

Here, we’ll go over each of them in detail, providing you with insights on how to qualify, how to leverage them, and what to expect in return.  

The official Shipt rewards program

One of Shipt’s recent rollouts is the Summit Seeker program, which is meant to reward Shipt Shoppers and Drivers for their exceptional service and dedication. 

It’s organized into three tiers – Wayfinder, Trailblazer, and Summit Star. Each of these levels has its own distinct qualification criteria and set of benefits. 

Wayfinder is the lowest ranking. And to reach it, shoppers must maintain an average rating of at least 4.70, ensure a 90% on-time delivery percentage, score 90% on the reliability scale, and complete a minimum of 10 orders. 

The highest ranking is Summit Star, open only to shoppers who average 4.9 on ratings, 98% on on-time delivery, and 100% on reliability after completing at least 30 orders. In return, they get cashbacks of up to $0.75 per gallon of gas, $50 grocery credit in their Shipt member account, and a 50% discount on Shipt Shop purchases, among other benefits. 

Evaluations for qualification are done every two months, as the program operates on a 60-day cycle. 

Banking and tax prep perks

Whereas the Summit Seeker Program is exclusive to the best performers, there are more than 15 other Shipt benefits that are open to all Shoppers and Drivers. 

In the banking and tax preparation category, for instance, the platform provides the following two discounts to help with financial management. They are especially useful for Shipt Shoppers and Drivers with fluctuating incomes, varied expenses, and unique tax requirements.


TaxSlayer is a tax preparation service that simplifies the often complex filing process with its user-friendly interface and resources. Thanks to a partnership with Shipt, drivers and shoppers can now access its tools for 50% off. You’ll only pay $26.48 instead of $52.95, and you’ll get features like easy import of tax documents and guidance on maximizing deductions from business expenses.  


Found is a fintech company with banking services and products tailored for independent contractors. 

It has partnered with Shipt to provide Shoppers and Drivers with a special Mastercard debit card, which facilitates instant access to delivery payments. You get to enjoy direct payouts of your Shipt earnings without any minimum balance requirements or monthly charges.

The benefits for Shipt Shoppers and Drivers don’t end there. Once you receive five payments over $10 from Shipt into your Found account, you'll unlock a $50 bonus. 

Found is also capable of categorizing business expenses, creating invoices, and generating real-time tax estimates. As such, you can additionally count on it to keep you informed of your tax obligations for your Shipt income. 

Free Shipt Delivery Program for Shoppers and Drivers

Shoppers and Drivers who fulfill Shipt orders get a free Shipt membership, which includes unlimited free deliveries. 

James Tuliano, a Shipt Shopper with four years of experience, says that “a Shipt membership for normal customers is $99 annually (or $10.99 if billed monthly). Really highlights the savings!” 

All you need to qualify for annual membership is to stay active on Shipt, with at least one order completed every 90 days. Your Shipt customer account should also be linked to the same email as your Shopper or Driver account.

While capitalizing on the free deliveries, you’ll also be gaining insights into the customer’s side of operations. Such valuable lessons may go a long way toward improving your service delivery. 

Car and auto benefits

Through Shipt’s partnerships with various players in the automotive industry, Shoppers and Drivers can make traveling easier, reduce the costs of car maintenance, and conveniently track their miles for tax deduction purposes. 


GasBuddy principally helps shoppers and drivers locate the cheapest gas prices in their areas of operation. This benefit is supplemented by a free GasBuddy card, which grants additional discounts at the fueling pump and is one of the ways Shipt helps pay for gas

The card is accepted at 95% of U.S. gas stations, including major retailers. Each of the payments translates to savings of up to up to $0.25 per gallon.

To capitalize on this Shipt benefit, you just need to sign up for the card and then link it to your bank account. 

Liberty Mutual Auto

With Liberty Mutual, Shipt Drivers can get discounted auto insurance policies. Options include collision and comprehensive coverage, both of which can be customized for participating Shoppers and Drivers. 

You consequently get to enjoy up to 12% off on those auto insurance purchases, along with safe driving discounts, multi-policy bundles, and other Shipt-exclusive offers.


Upside, a cashback service, supplements GasBuddy’s discounts by providing more savings on fuel purchases. 

You can earn at least $0.35 per gallon on your first two fill-ups. And if you continue using the service regularly, its cashbacks could potentially add up to $153 per year. 

These perks are available at over 25,000 fuel stations nationwide. 


Everlance is a tracking app that documents business-related travel and expenditures.

One of Everlance's standout features is its ability to automatically record trips. It uses GPS technology to track mileage, thus providing Shipt Shoppers and Drivers with critical reference data for computing taxes.

Catherine Meyers, a Shipt delivery contractor with two years of experience says, “Shipt tells me how many miles I've driven for the working week on my paystub! So Everlance's benefit is more for people who are constantly tracking miles. Shipt does a fairly good job of tracking miles quarterly/weekly, which is an often enough interval for me.”

James disagrees, however. He thinks that the mileage tracking Shipt provides isn’t enough and more frequent estimates are essential. “Shipt does not give you an estimated amount of miles driven while working like some other apps do (Uber and Doordash both do this) — so it is extra crucial to track your miles! Everlance is a super great app that pays for itself come tax time.”

Besides mileage, the Everlance app also manages and keeps up with other business expenses, including phone bills and vehicle maintenance. 

All these premium functionalities are available to Shipt members at a 15% discount. The package is particularly recommended for those seeking to maximize Shipt tax deductions and gain a detailed view of their expenses.

Lifestyle and entertainment perks

Shipt additionally offers a variety of lifestyle and entertainment perks to enhance the lives of its community members. These benefits include access to streaming platforms and financial management tools, with which Shoppers and Drivers can enjoy quality entertainment during deliveries and manage their budgets more efficiently.


Hurdlr is a one-stop solution for tracking mileage, expenses, income streams, and potential tax deductions.

The app's automatic tracking feature uses GPS to log business miles accurately, thus facilitating mileage deductions come tax time. It also categorizes expenses, consequently helping Shipt delivery workers distinguish between personal and business costs, as well as understand their income trends and tax liabilities. 

Independent contractors will also appreciate its tax estimate calculations and reminders for quarterly tax payments.  


SiriusXM enriches the driving experience by providing a diverse array of audio entertainment options. This service is particularly useful during long hours on the road.

Shipt Shoppers and Drivers enjoy special subscription discounts, including 4 months of free ad-free music curated by genre and era. What’s more, you’ll have access to live streams of major sports events, news, and DJ channels. 

Healthcare, fitness, and wellness perks

Shipt recognizes the physical demands of its tasks (such as lifting and prolonged driving), and it has pieced together a range of healthcare and fitness resources to support its workers. 

The resultant Shipt benefits help in managing physical strain while promoting overall health. Mental health is also covered, with some of the packages offering services that deal with the stress and challenges of gig work. 

So, in a nutshell, you could say that Shipt caters to not only physical needs but also mental and emotional wellbeing. This is one of the many ways in which the platform promotes job satisfaction. 


HealthSherpa offers a user-friendly alternative to the complex Healthcare Marketplace website, with which Shipt Shoppers and Drivers can easily compare Affordable Care Act (ACA) healthcare plans by their features, coverage levels, and costs. 

The platform even allows you to input your specific preferences, upon which it generates personalized healthcare plan recommendations. Most people find favorable plans under $35 per month, with eight out of ten qualifying for discounts


BetterHelp is an online therapy platform that provides Shipt Shoppers and Drivers with convenient access to mental health services. It connects them with licensed therapists through various communication modes, including messaging, phone calls, and video.

Once you sign up for BetterHelp, the platform searches extensively for therapists suited to your specific needs. This level of flexibility fits well into the busy schedules of Shipt workers, especially for those who have challenges attending traditional therapy sessions. 

You won’t even pay for the first month. As a special benefit for Shipt members, BetterHelp is available completely free of charge for 30 days. 


Gympass extends beyond the traditional fitness club membership by offering access to a wide variety of gyms, studios, and wellness apps. 

You can choose between virtual training sessions and in-person classes for all sorts of activities, including high-intensity workouts and yoga. Gympass additionally allows you to spread out your gym visits across different locations. This of course makes it easier for Shoppers and Drivers with time or location constraints to achieve their fitness goals.

The benefits are available through a diverse range of discounted pricing plans, starting at $14.99 a month.

Gympass also recognizes the link between physical health, mental wellness, and nutrition. So, it accompanies its gym memberships with nutrition guidance, meditation apps, and a suite of many other wellness resources.


River offers a suite of healthcare services, such as virtual consultations for illness management, prescription refills, and personalized healthcare advice. It also includes sessions with licensed therapists, which help manage conditions like anxiety and depression.

The first month is free, and the subsequent ones are priced at $35 each. This fee covers all your doctor visits and prescriptions, meaning you won’t incur any hidden costs.

River is not a substitute for health insurance — it offers a very limited range of coverage compared to a health insurance plan (emergency care and surgeries are not covered at all, for example).


Avibra offers insurance coverage along with wellness education, a combination that helps Shipt personnel protect themselves while actively investing in their well-being. You can explore coverage for life, accident, and critical illness, among other potential liability risks.  

On the wellness front, Avibra engages Shipt’s delivery contractors with a host of wellbeing content and counseling services. You’ll find articles, videos, and tools focusing on personal growth, health, and financial wellness. The counseling packages address stress management, mental health, financial planning, and lifestyle choices.

Safety and security perks 

Security perks are structured to offer peace of mind and safety, allowing you to concentrate on your work without worrying about the personal and financial risks that come with the job.

Allstate Identity Protection

Allstate Identity Protection provides a robust, multi-layered approach to secure personal and financial information, which is crucial in today's digital age where identity theft is a significant threat.

Key features include:

  • Advanced Monitoring: Continuous surveillance of personal and financial data across different platforms – including bank accounts, credit reports, and public records – to detect any arising instances of identity theft or fraud.
  • Real-Time Alerts: Instant notifications about any suspicious activities or irregularities involving personal or financial information.
  • Credit Monitoring: Regular checks and reports on credit scores and history, with alerts about any unauthorized attempts at opening new accounts or credit lines.

In the event of identity theft, Allstate offers comprehensive support. Their team of specialists assists in the entire process of identity restoration, from contacting credit bureaus to filing paperwork

Liberty Mutual Pet

Liberty Mutual Pet Insurance provides a safety net for unexpected veterinary expenses. It caters to treatments for injuries, illnesses, and hereditary conditions, while also facilitating wellness care, emergency procedures, and chronic disease management.

Policyholders can customize their plans by choosing deductibles, reimbursement levels, and annual limits that fit their needs and budget. The policy also includes wellness add-ons for routine care, vaccinations, and annual check-ups.

As a Shipt Shopper or Driver, you can get coverage for an exclusive, reduced price, starting at less than $1 a day. 

The ultimate benefit for Shipt drivers and shoppers is being your own boss

Whereas some of the above perks can only be leveraged every once in a while, the following self-employment benefits are permanent for Shipt Shoppers and Drivers:

  • Flexibility and independence: Shipt delivery roles offer the freedom to set personal schedules, allowing individuals to work at times that best suit their lifestyle and family commitments. Such flexibility is particularly appealing if you seek a work arrangement that can adapt to your life, rather than the other way around.
  • Control over you work environment: Unlike traditional office settings, there is no strict dress code or fixed location. Shoppers and Drivers have the liberty to choose where, when, and how they work, plus the types of orders they prefer. This provides them with the opportunity to optimize work experience to their strengths and professional goals. 
  • Improved work-life balance: The flexibility in scheduling means that individuals can allocate more time to personal interests, hobbies, and family. Such balance is key to maintaining overall wellbeing and fostering a fulfilling, stress-free lifestyle. Shipt workers are able to set their own hours and can take up any of the roles as a full-time job or turn it into a side hustle to supplement your main income.
  • Community and Support: Being part of Shipt means joining a supportive community. You gain access to forums, meetups, and events to connect with peers, share experiences, and learn. The company also provides its members with the tools and information they need to succeed in their roles.

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